Thursday, February 15, 2018

Looking For Lewis & Clark & What Not

Current Listening: Big Star-Complete Third, The English Beat-The Complete Beat Box Set (both highly recommended), The Specials Deluxe sets, Ennio Morricone-Once Upon A Time In The West, PJ Harvey-White Chalk, The Coral-Magic & Medicine, The Good, The Bad & The Queen, Charlotte Gainsbourg-IRM, The Beau Brummels-Volume 2, The Yardbirds Greatest Hits, Bow Wow Wow-Live in Japan, Johnny Burnette Trio-Rockabilly Boogie, XTC-English Settlement, The Long Ryders-Looking for Lewis and Clark, The Seeds-Web Of Sound, Falco-Der Kommissar 12 inch, and Motley Crue- Too Fast For Love (no kidding ladies, these guys fuck real quick)

Current Reading- Ray Winstone-Young Winstone, George Grosz-The Big No, Austin Osman Spare- The Occult Life of London's Legendary Artist, Mick Farren-The Feelies, Christiane F.- Zoo Station, Graham Greene- The Heart of the Matter, Jah Wobble-Memoirs of a Geezer, Richard Hell-Godlike, and still trying to make it through James Ellroy's The Cold Six Thousand (where overly stylized prose turns into bad writing-but I'm not a quitter).

Current Watching- Peaky Blinders (still shaken from those creepy 3rd season decadent White Russians), Life on Mars Series 2, The Jam-Trans Global Unity Express, Marc Bolan-Marc (I had hoped this would be the entire TV show with all the bands but its just Marc's performances, still its total candy, I love it!) Village of the Giants, Breakfast Club Criterion Edition, Jubilee Criterion Edition, Party Party (pretty lame 80's English youth film with a great soundtrack)

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Monday, January 29, 2018

A Time For Frivolity- SCTV

"No one seemed to notice, she simply seduced a nation!"  So many great moments. Note on the stairway to heaven bit the listing for Rod McKuen with the Village People.  Genius.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Playing Possum or Clouds In My Coffee

Here's the thought line running through this post. There's an old episode of WKRP in Cincinnati where one of the D.J.'s says to the other "c'mon, let's go look at Carly Simon album covers!"- if you've seen her album covers you'll get that joke. Carly told a Rolling Stone reporter soon after her album Playing Possum was released in 1975- "Being attractive sexually is not something which I feel guilty about or embarrassed by in any way".  A lot of people who grew up in the 70's and 80's earliest memories of sexual titillation have to do with provocative album covers you would see in stores or in your siblings record collection. Back then records were available everywhere including department stores and places like Sears and Woolworths.  And in the mark down section would be all these great new wave and punk albums that have gone on to be valuable and expensive, but I digress.

George Jones's nickname was possum, I suppose cause he looked like one. The expression playing possum refers to animal behavior where in order to avoid or fool an aggressor or some perceived threat the animal goes rigid, mimicking a death pose. George Jones was known for writing and singing sad and mournful songs about his troubled personal relationships and alcoholism, most famously with his off and on again partner Tammy Wynette. Finally Daniel Johnston has a great song called "No Woman is Gonna Make a George Jones Outta Me". There you have it friends and neighbors an inside look at the way my brain works.

George Jones aka Possum

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Dreams That Money Can Buy-1947

Director Han Richter

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Monday, January 1, 2018

Monday, December 25, 2017

When You See The End In Sight The Beginning May Arrive


Cosmic Christmas Tracklisting
1. Cosmic Christmas- The Rolling Stones
2. Armenia City in the Sky (Mono)- The Who
3. The Land of Doesn't Have to Be- Donovan
4. L.S.D.- The Yardbirds
5. Christmas Time (Is Here Again)- The Beatles
6. I'm the Urban Spaceman- Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
7. Up The Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire-The Small Faces
8. 2000 Light Years From Home (Instrumental)-The Rolling Stones
9. Up From the Skies- The Jimi Hendrix Experience
10. Flaming (Mono)- The Pink Floyd
11. Lazy Old Sun- The Kinks
12. Ski-Ing- George Harrison
13. Defecting Gray- The Pretty Things
14. Anyone for Tennis- Cream
15. Flying (alternate version)- The Beatles
16. We Love You - The Rolling Stones
17. Bedazzled- Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
18. Riu Chiu- The Monkees
19. I Can See For Miles (early mono mix)- The Who
20. Apples and Oranges- The Pink Floyd
21. 14 Hour Technicolour Dream- The Syn
22. I Feel Much Better- The Small Faces
23. De Lane Lea Lee- The Yardbirds
24. Blue Jay Way- The Beatles
25 Untitled- The Rolling Stones
26. Daily Nightly (Mono)- The Monkees
27. Itchycoo Park- The Small Faces
28. Catch the Wind- Peter Fonda
29. Greensleeves- Jeff Beck
30. Cosmic Christmas (mono)- The Rolling Stones